June 17-18, 2015, Santa Clara, CA (Co-located with Open Networking Summit 2015)

Program Co-Chairs

Jennifer Rexford (Princeton)

Amin Vahdat (Google)

Steering Comittee

Bruce Davie (VMware)

Nick Feamster (Princeton)

Nate Foster (Cornell)

Guru Parulkar (Stanford)

Contact: sigcomm-sosc-sc@acm.org

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Software defined networking (SDN) refactors the relationship between network devices and the software that controls them. Opening up the interfaces to programming network devices enables more flexible and predictable network control, and makes it easier to extend the network with new functionality. Over the past several years, SDN has gained significant momentum in the research community and the larger networking industry, but many important research challenges remain.

Building on the success of the HotSDN (Hot Topics in Software Defined Networking) workshop, the Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR) is the premiere venue for research publications on SDN. Co-locating SOSR with the Open Networking Summit (ONS) provides an opportunity for more interaction between researchers and practitioners and more influence on the networking industry. In addition, registered SOSR attendees can attend shared keynote, plenary, and panel sessions, and the social event, on June 17-18 at ONS.

SOSR will accept a mixture of short (six-page) and long (12-page) papers. In addition to traditional research papers, we encourage the submission of papers that present (i) the design and applications of useful SDN tools, (ii) surveys of important SDN concepts, techniques, and standards, (iii) technical overviews of larger research projects, production systems, and use cases, and (iv) open-source benchmark suites or measurement data for evaluating SDN systems. SOSR particularly values papers that present experimental results or propose novel research directions that challenge the state-of-the-art.

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